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Sponsorship Profile | Kathy Regan - Drag Racing

15 December 2017

Sponsorship Profile | Kathy Regan - Drag Racing

Kathy Regan (Driver), Frankie & Reece Regan (Crew).

Perth Harley-Davidson are proud to sponsor a range of different people, sports and community activities and one of our most fond sponsorships is that of Kathy Regan and her drag racing.

Kathy is the Business Manager at Perth Harley-Davidson, where she takes care of all of your Harley Finance and Insurance needs and can help you make your Harley dreams a reality. She has been part of the Drag Racing community for over 10 years and has multiple achievements to her name. 

Kathy’s team is made up of herself, as the driver, her husband Frankie and son Reece who are her Race and Pit Crew at all of the meets.

The car is a 1985 Holden VK BT1 Commodore and in April 2016, the team completely changed the race car package in the form of a bigger motor (LSX454R) and major vehicle modification. Frankie and Reece did all of the work on the car with the help of family friend Robert Stone.The car was completely gutted then rebuilt ready for the start of the 2016/17 season, an awesome paint job of custom pearl yellow paint was done by Reece, who owns Real Restorations. The car had some panel work done by Luke at Pro Resto’s WA.It took many late nights and long days to have the car ready in time.

In the 2016/17 season they won the WA Drag Racing meet and Ford v Holden meet.

Some of the teams other achievements for the 2015/16 National Season were taking out the top spot at the meeting on the 28th December 2015, placing runner up at the WA Drag Racing Meeting in November 2015 and coming runner up in the Super Sedan class at the Nitro Max event in March 2016, which is the biggest class in drag racing at the Perth Motorplex.

When Kathy isn’t working at Perth Harley or racing her Drag Car, she’s racing motorbikes at the Dirt Drags and her husband Frankie just loves working on the cars and spends all of his spare time in the shed. Reece is right into the burnout scene and has his own burnout car, so they spend a lot of time at the burnout meets as well.

The Drag Racing Season runs from October to April with 12 events throughout the season. Catch Kathy and the team in the Iconic Yellow VK at the Perth Motorplex.

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